Access to simple thread : how to make it easier?

Hi, actually to see a thread we need to send an invitation to the authorized account.

  1. Could it be possible in the future to create a thread with read only for everyone (even someone who don’t have an account) ?

  2. If it’s not possible could we create an account that accept automatically all the invitation but can’t create thread ?

In the case of a webApp, this account will be automatically loaded from the browser to read the thread shared with it. Because the private key will be available for everyone this account must not be allowed to create threads.

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These are both awesome suggestions. The first one in actually on our radar, and something we’ll be making available to developers as part of our (re) development of Threads (v2). We’ll post a request for comments (RFC) on here soon to make sure we’re covering as many use cases as possible with this.
The second suggestion, some sort of ‘anonymous’ or ‘universal’ peer/account is an interesting one… or even a cafe-based account that does posting or whatever on behalf of non-users. This is worth discussing further. Would you be interested in creating an issue over at with your usecase in mind?

Done it !
I hope it’s understandable :slight_smile:

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