Build a private IPFS network with Textile?

Very interesting solutions developed by Textile. Is it possible to build a private IPFS network with textile? Private here means that users who install the same app built with textile form a IPFS network by themselves. Outsiders without installing the app will not be allowed to join in.

Also current IPFS private network requires a single private key being used on all nodes in the network. A single private key is very hard to manage in real life. Is there a play by Textile to develop an alternative authentication solution? For example, something like JWT token which can be authenticated by a central server but individual keys are all unique on every node. Many thanks

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Hi emclab, thanks for the question. It certainly is possible to have a private IPFS Network via Textile, using the same underlying features of IPFS private networks (via a secret key).

As you’ve identified, this is more difficult on mobile, because you don’t want to ‘ship’ the same key with the installed app. Textile is indeed working on an alternative solution that let’s developers register users with their app in a partially decentralized way (federated as opposed to decentralized). We haven’t released any of that tooling yet, but it is well underway already, so feel free to ping us directly on

Having said all that, right now, I don’t think we have private networks exposed per se. It would be possible to add this, so if this is something you’d be interested in, again I’d recommend pinging us on Slack, and even creating an issue over on


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