Building a simple decentralized version control system with IPFS + Textile

When we started building Textile’s Threads and Schema APIs, we had photo backup and sharing in mind. Threads allow private groups to post photos and interact over a decentralized network, maintaining complete control over their own content. But of course, they can facilitate secure sharing, coordination, and storage of many types of data over a decentralized network. So along the way, we started to think about files more generally, and how Textile could provide easier/better access to structured files on IPFS. What we ended up developing is a highly flexible, offline-first, secure, decentralized ‘database’, useful for a range of decentralized data products. To really drive home the flexibility and utility of the frameworks, we’ve started playing around with different use-cases and applications as demos. In today’s demo, we’ll use a Textile Thread and a simple JSON Schema to build a simple document version/history control system.

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