Difference between textile and ipfs

I briefly understand how ipfs works and came across the textile. It seems that textile is facilitating development of IPFS mobile application by providing wrapup with additional featueres, such as encryption and permission. I did a search in Docs here trying to see what is the difference between ipfs and textile and how textile make ifps mobile app development easier. This may be a dumb question but I would like to understand it.

One thing specifically about ipfs is its private network which requires a single swarm key. Single swarm key is hard to manage in real life. How permission in textile works? Reference to documentation will help. Thanks.

Hi emclab, thanks for the question! You pretty much summarized things nicely here. Textile provides tools and models on top of IPFS to facilitate building apps etc more easily on IPFS (in both mobile and non-mobile environments). In Textile, we don’t use a single ‘swarm’ key, but rather Threads on a given topic where, if your peer is given permission to access the Thread, will automatically handle key exchange and things like this. So no keys to manage directly. You can take a look at our white paper for the most details explanation of how things work: https://blog.textile.io/introducing-textiles-threads-protocol/

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Thank you for the quick response. I will certainly read the whitepaper first.