Feature Request: Copy data from one Thread to another

Hi Textile team,

Thank you for your efforts of building Textile and it’s really awesome.

Does Textile team have any plan to implement the feature: User can copy a data unit from one Thread to another?

Why my app needs this feature:

In the app, there are two Threads: one is private, and another is public.

The uploaded data will go to the private Thread firstly. If app user confirms that the data is ready to go public, user can click a “Share” button, and the data will be available in the public Thread.

Hey @bofu. I think this is easily doable if your two threads share the same schema. The method:

Textile.files.shareFiles(final String hash, final String threadId, final String caption, final Handlers.BlockHandler handler)

does exactly what you want. You pass in the hash from the data in your private thread, and it is added to your public thread.

In a future version of Textile, the requirement that the threads share the same schema will likely go away.

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