JS Implementation of textile planned?


I’m playing around with textile now for 2-3 weeks because a friend of mine and I want to build and Dapp Builder/Designer, which should act like a distributed IDE in the web, and while research we found textile. which has nearly all our problems/dependencies solved or is on solving. We want also to give the user a “normal” web experience and would like to build all in a Browser Only environment. For us it would be very interesting if you plan to implement textile also as a typescript/javascript version, instead of go. Like the IPFS implementation in JS.

Thanks Philipp


Hi Philipp, yes we are working on a JS implementation. We do actually have ‘client’ libs for our current threads (https://github.com/textileio/js-http-client) and our ‘in-development’ threads (https://github.com/textileio/js-threads-client). If you are starting from scratch, I’d recommend start with the new threads implementation (see also https://github.com/textileio/go-textile-threads). Right now, those require a local or remote Textile daemon running. However, plans are to incrementally add functionality that doesn’t require a remote node, thereby eventually arriving at a fully working browser implementation. This is a few months out still, but there will be useful progress along the way.