Textile at EthBerlin

Hey all, Textile (well ok, Carson) will be at ETHBerlin next month (August 23-25, 2019). I’ll be around if anyone wants to meet, collaborate on a hack, or otherwise get together. I think Matt from Pinata and I will try to work on a hack together, and we’ll both (along with libp2p/ipfs folks) be providing mentoring for IPFS-related questions, problems, and ideas.

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I’m also participating in the Decentralized Storage Summit, at which I’ll be sitting on a panel discussing… well decentralized databases: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/decentralised-storage-summit-tickets-62719912948

Carson, I’ll be in Berlin and Anton as well. Let’s plan a get together!

Awesome, for sure let’s do it! I’m there from the 2st to the 26th, how about your team?

Hi all, just an update. Textile (Carson) will be at the following events/places during Berlin Blockchain week:

Plus meetings in between. If you want to catch up, feel free to reach out to Carson directly via slack, here, or email (carson @ textile.io). I’ll also update this post with additional times/places as they become more concrete.