Textile team retreat - Vancouver - August 2019

The Textile team will be in Vancouver from Aug 12-16. We’d love to find any related projects or users that want to meet for an early coffee or late beer while we are in town.

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Hey! Sorry for the long delay, meant to get on this earlier. Chatted with @carsonfarmer.

We’re happy to host you all & anyone else that wants to join us for lunch on Tuesday at our new space. We’ve got a rooftop deck with a BBQ.

We’re at 238 East 6th Avenue.

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This is awesome, thanks @boris! We’ll be there. Not sure if we know many other local folks, but at least the invite is here :sunglasses:

We’ll spread the word to some locals. No need to bring anything, we’ll provide veggie & regular hot dogs and non-alcoholic drinks.

If the Textile team wants to bring some craft beer, the Main Street and Brassneck Breweries are right next door to us — but not required.

Maybe get a Textile Photos group started and post the invite here so we can pool photos?

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I’ll be there! It will be great to catch up!


I’ve got about 8 confirmed including Brooke and I. So we’ll be about 15 or so total.

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@andrewxhill we talked about IPFS plugins for Ghost and Discourse. I wrote up the Ghost adapter already. And a Discourse plugin where uploaded images / files get pushed to IPFS would be perfect as well.

Here’s the link to the BBQ Photos Group we were on boarding people to, if people need to find it again / share. Please do add any photos you took! I think Pat ended up with the group photo, I’ll make sure that gets posted somewhere :slight_smile:

Carson and I need to get Victoria figured out in September. I’ve got a sign up page up that you should throw your email at if you want to get notified when we’ve got everything locked.

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For some reason, I can’t access the group in Textile (getting a “context deadline exceeded” error). Will email the photos to Boris to pass around.

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