Types for js-ipfs

Hey Textile team!

I recently joined the Fission team, and we’ve been experimenting with IPFS in different ways, including running an in-browser js-ipfs daemon. One problem we’ve run into is the lack of types in the js-ipfs repo. Brooke said that she talked with @carsonfarmer about your approach to typing with js-ipfs, and recommended that I reach out on the forum to get a conversation going.

You can see our approach in our get-ipfs repo. We’re just using this typestub repo with a few edits as a stopgap. It certainly leaves a lot to be desired.

I’m interested to hear your approach. Are you keeping types anywhere at the moment? Would you be interested in working together to maintain a set of type definitions? Let me know your thoughts!


Hi @dholms and welcome to the community! At the moment, we’re just maintaining our own types internally for each project… lame. It would be great to share the burden a bit so to speak. What are you folks thinking? Submit something to @types repo? Maintain a shared repo?

I was thinking we could maintain a shared repo and get everything settled there. Once any issues are ironed out, we can submit it to the @types repo or push to get it merged into js-ipfs. Although history would suggest the js-ipfs team isn’t super interested in maintaining types right now. Was about to link you to this issue before realizing that you were the last person to comment on it :laughing:

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Cool. I’m going to ping some folks from IPFS/PL to see if we can get them to give us access to an IPFS repo for this? That way, even if they don’t want types directly added to js-ipfs, we could still have an ‘official’ types repo (e.g., ipfs/js-ipfs-types) or something?


Love it. Let us know what they say!